Lennar Tampa Brings You In-House Finance and a Free Consultation

What sets Lennar apart from other Tampa Bay area competitors? Well, a lot. We don’t want to flood you with too much information at once, so let’s start where it counts – your pocket. Buying a home in today’s economy can be a challenge, that’s why we go through great lengths to strengthen your credit and put a positive spin on your future when it comes to buying a new home with Lennar.

Just when you thought nothing was free, we surprised you again. Being a potential homebuyer means questions, and lots of them. Well, no worries because we’ve got the answers. With a FREE consultation and credit report, we’ll provide you with the necessary tools to improve your credit and qualify for the best possible rates.

This isn’t just some gimmick – see what happy homeowners are saying about Lennar Tampa and the staff that puts you first.

 “You never gave up even when I did, you have taught me the true meaning of hope. You were willing to work with me no matter what questions I had, even when I changed my mind time and time again… Thank you again for all of the hard work and dedication that you have shown me. You often had me wondering if I was your only client.” – Pat, now a Lennar Tampa homeowner

“Like millions of other folks in America, I had some credit problems that kept me from purchasing a home. I was introduced to Benjamin Goldstein, Lennar’s Credit Counselor, who, little did I know, became a very special person in my family’s life… I can testify that there are not enough words to explain the gratitude and how much I appreciate what Ben has done for me.” – Connie, now a Lennar Tampa homeowner

These testimonies and the experience of working with Lennar could be yours. If you’ve ever thought owning a home was out of the question, we encourage you to second-guess yourself and give us a call. With Lennar, owning a home could be closer than you think.

Lennar Tampa works hard to make your dreams a reality. It’s just what we do.

Contact Benjamin Goldstein to set up your FREE consultation.

Call (877)204-9839 or email Bejamin.Goldstein@Lennar.com

Yep, your dream home may only be a phone call away.