The Next Generation Home for the Next Generation of Families

With an ever-changing economy, we all have made major changes in the way we live. More and more, we are seeing college graduates moving back home, elderly parents moving in with their children, and even distant family members merging households. When it comes to saving money, we all are making the necessary adjustments. Here at Lennar, we recognize the changing times and want to do our best to address them.

Unfortunately, these adjustments can make for a stressful and frustrating process. It’s nearly impossible for one family member not to be stepping on another’s toes at least sometimes – and that’s putting it lightly. We realize the issues that come with changes like these, and we haven’t missed a beat.

That’s why Lennar created the ultimate solution – the Next Gen Home, or in layman’s terms, a home within a home. The main household functions just like any other while a simple doorway links the second home space.

This “home within a home” is a completely private suite with its own bedroom that includes walk-in closets, full bathrooms, eat-in kitchenettes with nooks and plenty of living space. There’s a separate entrance to the added suite, so whoever might be living there can come and go as they please without disturbing the main house.

Here’s the best part. The Next Gen home is now available in Tampa and there are two spacious models to choose from.

Just think of the possibilities:

  • Imagine having mom close by while saving thousands on assisted living and child care costs because she’s there to watch the kids while you’re at work.
  • Welcome your child back after college so that they can save instead of paying for an apartment.
  • Have enough room for a family member to move in and contribute to the mortgage while your worries are eased.
  • The options are endless!

Your perfect home is waiting. Now it’s up to you to make the next move. Don’t forget, everything’s included!


7 thoughts on “The Next Generation Home for the Next Generation of Families

  1. This is such a great idea. My mother is getting older and this seems like the perfect option for our family. She can be close without being on top of us!

  2. How come no one’s thought of this?! This way would be affordable, and family would be close, but i could still have privacy.

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