How would YOU spend $1,000?

At Lennar, we take pride in treating our fans right. That’s why for the entire month of February, fans of the Lennar Tampa Facebook page can enter to win a $1,000 Visa gift card to spend on whatever they please. But we won’t stop there. For each friend you invite who likes our Facebook page and enters, you get one more chance to win.

We know everyone has different needs and desires, so just like buying a Lennar home, we’re leaving the details up to you. There are countless ways to spend $1,000 and with a Visa gift card, the decision is yours. Need a suggestion? Here are some ideas we came up with, just to name a few:

  • Pay off some debt: Whether you are still paying off the holidays, have some credit card debt or you’re still working on student loans, reducing debt is always a wise decision in the long run.
  • Start or finish home renovations: Have you been meaning to retile the bathroom? Did you start redecorating the bedroom but ran out of the funds to finish? Maybe a $1,000 could give you the extra push you need.
  • Go on vacation: Sometimes life happens. You can plan all you want to save back some cash for your vacation fund, but there always seems to be an unexpected expense that gets in your way. Maybe $1,000 can help.
  • Get the upgrade you need: Are you stuck with a computer circa 1998? Is your TV taking up more room than your love seat? Winning $1,000 means an upgrade is within reach.
  • Make a charitable donation: Many charities now have ways to donate online. A Visa gift card works just like any other online credit or debit purchase. Helping others in need is a reward in and of itself.

The possibilities are endless. To all the loyal followers of Lennar Tampa, we have just one question for you. What would you do with $1,000?

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