Lennar Homes

Okay, we get it. No, really, we do. Is your wallet lacking a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T from local businesses?  It seems every which way you turn, there’s no one who can cut a little slack during hard times. Here at Lennar Homes, we understand and want to provide you with both a distinct, and satisfying experience – a concept that’s been gone for far too long. As our business immerses itself into your community, you will be able to see that we care about personalizing your home-buying experience and finding a plan that works for you. Is this some type of castle in the sky – a business that actually revolves around your needs? No, it’s real life when you’re a Lennar customer.

With over 40 years of experience in the Tampa Bay area, Lennar is a dependable seasoned veteran in the housing market. Offering low interest rates that are fixed for life, affordable payments, and zero closing costs, we try our hardest to make buying a new home both enjoyable and realistic. In a housing market no different than the rest of our economy, Lennar is continuing to meet the needs of our customers and now we want to show you the qualities that make us different.

With mortgage payments less costly than rent, now is a perfect time to work towards something you can call your own. Let Lennar help you get there. Though the times we face are challenging, buying a home isn’t something you should dread – it should be an exciting new chapter in your life. From the moment you begin building or buying a home with Lennar, we guarantee an experience that you’ll want to look back on – and without the headaches.

Like what you’re seeing? Give Lennar a chance to create your perfect home. More information is only a click, call, or drive away – whichever you prefer. Our need to fulfill yours started long ago.


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